1964 Rolls Royce Cloud III, the most beautiful car ever created, for the lowest price in the world.

With grace and beauty, this truly elegant British motor car will whisk you off in luxury that is fit for royalty yet affordable. This is wedding transportation in-style.


*Our price starts @ $567.20. Theirs begin @ $750+.
* We have the same rates for the entire year. Do they have a prom season rate that is higher?
*We have an authentic, Rolls Royce. Are theirs replica or kit cars?
*Our car has modern air conditioning system in the front and back passenger compartments. Do theirs?
*Do they have a low, teaser rate for a little two-seater and higher prices for the others?
*We have a 2-hour minimum. Do they have a longer minimum?
* Our additional half-hour price is $68.40. Is theirs higher?
*We have the $100.00 lower price guarantee. Bring us their quotes, and we’ll beat them by $100.00 for a similar car and trip. GUARANTEED.
* We have seat belts in our car. Do they?
* We respond honestly and forthrightly to reviews. Do they pay for favorable reviews?

Best of all, our car is arctic white. Why would you want any other color for your wedding day?

Our prices are for DC, Fairfax, Arlington & Alexandria. For longer times or different areas, call for custom quote.


You have the rare opportunity to actually use this authentic movable piece of art.
A car like ours is only found in a museum, investment portfolio, or private collection with a DO NOT TOUCH sign.

Graphic of a Do Not Touch Sign that reads "DO NOT TOUCH Failure to do so could elicit a euphoria like feeling that makes you want to propose marriage to the first person you see next.

Regal Limousine takes special pride in our luxurious Rolls-Royce limousine. This authentic Brittish classic car requires a great deal of love and care to keep it looking as magnificent as a bride on her wedding day. It is a rare event to see an elegant limousine of this stature and now you can hire this one with your own formal attired chauffeur included.

Like Cinderella arriving in a beautiful horse-drawn carriage in front of the palace, this classic limousine cannot be rivaled. Its’ place in history is eclipsed only by its’ stunning elegance that takes one’s breath away as they appear to float by like a cloud.

Do you want more than just a “touch of class” at your wedding? You have come to the right place.

Photo of a chauffeur in front of a white 1964 Rolls-Royce.
“I looked all over the area for vintage Rolls Royce renters and Regal definitely had the best pricing for the best product. I’m not going to say it was inexpensive but it was definitely worth it. Our driver was very professional but also very nice and knew exactly where he was going, he was on time for everything and the car was impeccable. It made for some amazing pictures!” VA Bride and Groom

“We were not looking for the typical limousine. When we came across Regal, which has classic cars such as Bentley and Rolls Royce we knew we had found exactly what we wanted. The service is extremely professional. The driver was punctual. The car was in perfect condition, made beautiful pictures, and was a hit amongst the men! If you’re looking for something other than a limo, definitely check this out!” Golden Girl

Are you ready to reserve a dream?