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“A leisurely ride in a classic 1964 Rolls-Royce, on your wedding day, is all the panache you need!”


While the Roll-Royce’s of yesteryear had timeless elegance, the 1960’s brought forth contemporary styling and sophistication. You will show off your own panache with this 1964 Rolls-Royce. Click or tap any image to experience this beauty full screen.

Wedding transportation is our specialty! If your special event is in Northern Virginia, suburban Maryland or Washington DC, you have the rare opportunity to ride in our exclusively maintained Rolls Royce.

What could be more elegant or more luxurious than arriving at your wedding or reception in a 1964 Rolls Royce limousine that is fit for a King and Queen? It is the perfect beginning to a wonderful fairy tale.

Photo of newlyweds with the 1964 Rolls Royce in front of the Jefferson memorial.

1964 Rolls Royce with a wedding couple in front of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC

Take A Picture of a Lifetime

Getting your photo taken near the front of this beautiful limousine is an historic event in and of itself. Be sure to tell your photographer in advance that you will be traveling in a “silver cloud” and you would like a photo to be taken near the front of your “chariot”. Look throughout this website for some ideas on ways to have your photograph taken or ask your chauffeur—who has more experience at this than anyone else.


Rolls Royce has the long-standing reputation of being the Best Car In the World.


Learn how to identify the imposters and other tips in our helpful guide.










“The price is forgotten long after the quality is remembered.”




Sir Henry Royce’s motto




“What you are doing with your Rolls Royce, by offering it to the public for their use and enjoyment, is tantamount to the aristocrats of Europe opening up their castles to the common man.”




Regal Limousine Customer




“…your cars are the most beautiful and ‘regal’ cars that I have ever seen…”




Carol T. (Regal customer)




Historic Fact








This model is also known as “The Cloud that flies”








It has the most powerful 8-cylinder engine of any car produced during this era.




0-60 MPH in 10.1 sec.




Maximum speed is 114.3 MPH.




The Silver Cloud series (I, II, III) was the core model of the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars from 1955-1966. It replaced the Silver Dawn and was, in turn, replaced by the Silver Shadow.



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